Monday Nights Jazz & Blues Club

with “The Captain”- Richard Dolzan

Richard hosts a variety of Jazz & Blues from Modern to Classic, and everything in between. 

Captain Richard, formally an International Airline Captain who has transported people all over the world for the last 35 years, now finds himself grounded due to the Global Pandemic. Where one chapter closes, another opens, and this opportunity is now seeing Richard rekindle his love of Music back here on Earth.  

 Prior to his flying career, Richard performed as a drummer in various bands around Adelaide for many years. The last band he was a member of was “Frogs in Glass Jars” playing everything from covers to original songs, so he spent many nights playing in clubs, pubs, and time in the recording studio’s. Richard also hosted many events as a local DJ. 

"I have loved music of all forms from as far back as I can remember, and I doubt there would be a day in my life where I haven’t listened to or created some form of music.  

I remember a time when I was both learning to fly, and playing in a band at the same time. 

My weekly schedule was relentless, and eventually I came to a cross road when I had to decide which career I wished to pursue more. I decided to focus on my Pilot training, however I often reminisce, and wonder to this day where I may have ended up had I taken the Musical road instead. 

I miss that creative side of making music, and the raw excitement that only performing in front of a live audience can bring, so I am very thankful now for the opportunity to revisit my musical past, and swap my microphone at 41,000ft, for a chance to share with listeners some of the great music of the world within Jazz & Blues." - Captain Richard Dolzan. 

"The Captains - The Jazz & Blues Club"

7:00pm MONDAY

3 hours of great modern and classic Jazz & Blues