Membership is $55 per year

(1 July 2017 - 30 June 2018 )


By joining you get a Membership Card (pic 2017 card) which offers entry to our special events including movie screenings, live shows and luncheons.

Be sure to fill in your "birth date" (the year is not necessary) and on your birthday you'll get a birthday call and an entry into our weekly birthday prize at The House Of Siam Hope Island. A number of our sponsors also offer member discounts and we have special "on-air" competitions exclusively "MEMBERS ONLY".

By joining you assist in keeping 94.1FM operational. As a community station we rely on the Gold Coast community's support for the majority of our capital expenditure.

Simply fill in the form and submit - Then select the "PAY NOW" button to make your $55 payment.


Be sure to click "Submit" then fill in Name and click "Pay Now"